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Mountains was founded in October 1916 by Alfred F. Mountain, a mechanical power transmission engineer, of French Huguenot decent who lived in south London, then known as the work shop of London.

The principal activities of the company then, were to mechanise the many small businesses such as hospital steam laundries, tanneries and manufacturing and commercial concerns of all types: from tugboats on the river Thames to department stores and hotels in central London.

In 1932 John E. Mountain joined Mountains to further expand the product range which now included Vee Belts and Drive Pulleys, these having replaced Flat Leather, IRC Belting, overhead Line Shafting & cumbersome Flat Faced Pulleys.  Rubber Conveyor Belting was also used in the manufacture of purpose made Conveyors, built to customer’s requirements.

Having survived the two world wars, the company   was instrumental in helping. trade and commerce take advantage of the post war expansion boom, in London and the south east.

In 1950 the company expanded by amalgamating, the offices then located at Kennington Cross and the warehouse, based in Walworth, moving to larger premises at 307 Borough High Street, where it was ideally positioned to supply: local authorities, large teaching hospitals and the GLC, in central London.

In 1986 David Mountain and John Simpson introduced, a limited range of Air Conditioning Panel Filters on a trial basis. So successful was this new product, that, the range was increased to cover other types of Filters.   

In 2002 we moved Mountains to Tunbridge Wells. Borough High St. had been turned into a Red Route, with parking and loading restrictions and the building was no longer suitable for the company’s requirements.

MountainAir have continued to expand their sales of quality Air Conditioning Spares. We sincerely hope by launching this comprehensive list of consumable spares, it will be easier for all our customers to identify all their requirements.